How much money should a foreigner have to enter Ukraine

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Sufficient financial support of an alien to enter Ukraine should be 4,704 ths UAH plus  784 UAH for each day of stay, starting with the second ( in USD 590 plus 98 per day). The corresponding decree № 884 the Cabinet of Ministers adopted on December 4 and unveiled recently .

According to the approved procedure of proving them sufficient financial support for entry to Ukraine , stay on its territory or transit and out beyond it and determining the amount of such security, per month , this value has been maintained at 20 times the minimum subsistence level ( from 1 December – 1176 UAH).

Simultaneously, the document contains a formula for calculating the provision for the planned duration of the visit to Ukraine , according to which the foreigner must have a five-day supply of financial support , according to Interfax -Ukraine .

Control of the availability of sufficient financial support is carried out by issuing invitations for a visa directly at the time of issuing visas for entry to Ukraine and in the implementation of border controls across the state border , or extended stay.

Foreigner may have money in cash , checks , payment card with an abstract , reservation or payment of housing voucher or letter of guarantee from the host country, tickets . Directly on the border of such control is classified as a second line of control , that is selective .

As reported, the State Migration Service reported that currently in Ukraine permanently inhabited by more than 247 thousand foreign citizens and more than 71 thousand foreigners – temporarily .