Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirogovo (4 hours)

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from 19 USD
Departure: On demand
Days: 1
Tour type: Group (6-10)
Route: Kyiv

Museum in Pirogovo is located in the picturesque outskirt of Kiev and covers an area of ​​150 hectares. This architectural and landscape complex in the open air is reflecting all the historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine XVI - XX century. The cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people XVI-XX centuries is represented in the exposition. There are wooden churches, mills, hut, hut, there are more than 300 exhibits. The museum is divided into sectors, each of which represents the folk architecture and life of certain Ukrainian region. There is a mini-museum of wooden furniture, pottery, both men's and women's clothing, one of the best collections of folk musical instruments. During the tour, you not only see the architecture of 17-20 centuries of Ukrainian village, but will also be able to visit these existing churches and temples, which still have memorial services. Beautiful composition of windmills is also represented on the high hill.
Theater performances and folk crafts is an integral part of the unique museum.
Every year festivals, ceremonies and memorials  are celebrated.


Rates per person for a group 6-10 people

Group for 6 people Group for 10 people
27 $ 19 $