Tour “Mystical Kiev” (3 hour tour)

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from 17 USD
Start date: On demand
Number of days: 1
Tour type: Group (6-10)
Route: Kyiv

Enigmatic and mysterious Kiev, shrouded in legends and mysteries. By visiting these unusual and intriguing place, you will feel the adrenaline in the blood and get a lot of interesting information and unforgettable impressions. But the mysterious and inexplicable always attract ...
Bald Mountain - the place has a long bloody history and is considered by the energetically powerful places of the city, and throughout Ukraine. Near the Museum of History of the tablet is installed: "At this point in Kiev has begun." Ferris beremische - locality, where according to legend, flew witch. Once there was a garden, and now - the funicular. Even despite the fact that the garden belonged to St. Michael's Monastery, and close to Three Saints church was built, the garden is still a bad reputation and was considered dangerous mestom.Zeleny theater - a mysterious ancient fortress of Kiev, a place of settlement of the first and most terrible poltergeist Kiev - the so-called, "Host" The presence of evil forces in the capital as evidenced by the presence of the coat of arms of the city of St. Archangel Michael, the only saint with arms in their hands. It is designed to protect the city from evil forces. A presumed psychics, such a large number of churches in the capital due to nothing more than how to balance the need to balance between sinful and righteous. Without your attention and will not Andrew's descent, which also has its own legends and secrets. House of Richard the Lionheart, who is on Andreevskom, enveloped lots of legends, about which you know.

Rates per person for a group 6-10 people

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